ECE 4424 | CS 4824

Machine Learning 

Instructor: Dr. Ming Jin

Research Projects

Royal Road Initiative

Ensemble Automator

COVID-19 Diagnoser

Common Fruits Identification

CAPTCHA Classification with CNN

COVID Forecasting with LSTMs

Image Classification with LNN

Analyzing Heart Disease Statistics

Spiking NN Classification

Reproducing Bitcoin Price Prediction Using Ensemble Automator

Predicting Financial Market Volatility

Forecasting COVID Confirmed Cases in Virginia

Computer Aided Analysis of the Evolution of Modern English Lexicon Milestone

Facemask Detection with DL

Movie Recommendation with ML

Survey Electric Motor Vehicle

Gun Detection with DL

Survey on PCB Defect Detection with ML

Observing ML Methods to Predict the Stock Market

Automatic Geographic Information System

Machine Learning Techniques for Measuring Poverty


Predict Poker Playing Behavior Using a Deep Neural Network

Supervised Conjecture Outcome Rating Estimator

Predicting Cost of Shopping Articles from Images using DL

About The Course

Algorithms and principles involved in machine learning with applications to various engineering domains; fundamentals of representing uncertainty, learning from data, supervised learning, unsupervised learning, and learning theory; design and analysis of machine learning systems; design and implementation of a technical project applied to real-world datasets (energy, images, text, robotics, etc.).We are witnessing an explosion in data - from billions of images shared online to Petabytes of tweets, medical records, and sensor data, generated by companies, users, and the infrastructures around us. Applications of machine learning are increasing rapidly as more techniques are developed and implemented to address a wide range of scientific and societal problems. Many universities are expanding programs in machine learning and perception, and employers are increasingly recognizing the importance of such knowledge. The course will give students a solid foundation in the basics of machine learning and an introduction to the opportunities in this rapidly maturing field.

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